date: 04.06.2004
entitled: "Unemployment - THE SEQUEL"

i find that when i'm under a great deal of pressure to do work, i find an ungodly number of ways to procrastinate. this explains my sudden jerk out of diaryland hiatus. here's what's been going' on.

1. i lost my job that i started in october. they laid me off. they didn't want to get rid of me, but couldn't afford to pay me. we all know they are top heavy, and should have fired someone higher up, in order to keep me around to do all the grunt work, and pay me the least. wait, why don't i own a business, with such a great business head on my shoulders?

2. joe and i went to amsterdam, partially to take advantage of my joblessness, and as our first trip to europe. we had good times.

3. so now i'm back to the unemployment thing, trying to keep my head above water, but sinking every once in a while.

4. i started a little freelance project for a solo architect, but it stresses me out to have work piled up at home, and to not know how many hours it will take me to finish it, or what will come next, so i really need to find something else soon. it sounds like it would be nice to work from home, but i don't think i like it very much. i have trouble dividing up my time. and the sofa looks so comfortable.

5. i am stir crazy. and i can't wait for nice weather to arrive.

6. i discovered that the show 'significant others' on bravo is really funny. it's like 'the office' on the bbc, only it pokes fun at personal relationships.

7. i have eaten way too many m&m's today.

8. in case you're wondering, the bunny is doing well. she has developed some interesting personality traits since we've moved to the new apartment.

9. i need a haircut.

10. i have lost all abilities to spell words correctly. i've especially been having trouble with words that include double consonants. perhaps i've had a stroke, and it's only affected the spelling portion of my brain?

maybe i'll update more often. maybe.

song stuck in my head:
what's goin' on - marvin gaye

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